Hi, I’m Jessie, owner and lead photographer of J. Graeler Photography. I’m so excited you found me and because I believe that getting to know our clients is the #1 way to ensure an awesome experience. I’d love to tell you a little about me!

Fun Facts:

- I married my high school sweetheart, best day ever

- I have two little ones, Aiden & Emma who are growing far too fast

- I am slightly obsessed with family time, crafting & online shopping

- I love the summer nights I can spend around water, a bonfire, or a sunflower field. The connection between simple things and a beautiful sunset is priceless

- I love music, almost all kinds, and I would have it playing 24/7 if I can. If I am not listening to music, I likely have a song stuck in my head, or I am working on something to the beat of a favorite song

-I love true crime podcasts

- Confession - I do not like coffee, but we can still be friends, I promise


It's me again, when I started this business in 2010, and had no idea it would be this today, I still can’t believe how amazing the journey and has been! I’m always the lead photographer and communicator for all sessions and weddings. My strengths are in the creative side of things. I’m the dreamer of the crew and so I’m constantly coming up with new ideas while Sam tries to make sure I’m being realistic! If you choose a photo session or wedding package, I’m your girl.


Hi everyone! I’m Sam. As a mom of three, I have developed some great “Chaos Coordinator” skills! You can usually find me helping direct people, fluffing your train or veil, or taking shots you don’t even know are being taken. My attention to detail creates a great finish for my images. Although our styles are different, that is what makes Jessica and I the perfect combo, like Mac & Cheese! Any wedding packages with two photographers, I am your second photographer!


“Custom photography is an art and a photographer is a true artist.

Every artist is different and everyone has a different style of their own.”